Mint Construction

Focus on the right jobs at the right time

It feels like Buildr was built with construction in mind. The project flow, the workforce, and the projections are specific to the construction process. "Out of the box" Buildr works so well.

One of our rules is that whenever you finish a task within Buildr, you schedule another one. There always needs to be a planned future engagement with the client. So I can see if someone says ‘hey, I’ll be ready in 2 months,’ then I’ll make a task to email them in seven weeks. Our customer engagement is way better now because it’s all planned. It’s proactive instead of reactive.

We didn’t have one place where we could look at the totality of our business, where projects were in each phase, and then prioritize our efforts on the projects that mattered most. Without Buildr, we were lost in notebooks and spreadsheets. We were all scattered, putting out the newest fires without knowing the big picture. Buildr finally let us be one collaborative unit, all on the same page. It hands us the tools to focus on the right jobs at the right time so we could take the same number of people and double our revenue.

Brandon Weaver

Business Development Manager

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Utah, 2018

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