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ūüĎĎ Turner did it again, Apple updates galore

June 10, 2022 by the Team at Buildr

This only took several weeks to design [photo: Disney]


 Whoops, we meant "hello." Sorry, we've just been thinking about Top Gun a lot lately.

 With Hollywood nailing 80s remakes/sequels, and in honor of Buildr client Turner topping the GC charts for the second year in a row, it's time we see a Turner and Hooch sequel. We'll help write it if need be. While we wait to get our paws on the first draft of that script, let's get into some news and notes?


Supply chains, labor shortages, and data centers, oh my!

The Turton Bond Marketing Report provides insight into the rise of data centers, and the importance of acknowledging the potential impact they will have on the industry.  

  • Cyber security, cloud computers, and IT are paving the way for an increased amount of data centers.

  • JLL¬†says that hospitals and data centers are the only two product types that can be classified as mission critical.

  • The construction of data centers is a huge undertaking, especially with the current inflation rate averaging 7%. The specific materials required, such as switchboards and other electrical equipment could provide setbacks for any plans to build data centers.

Code to joy... 

There are always new codes and regulations to keep up with for safety standards of buildings, and there will continue to be in the next 10 years as predicted by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

  • On June 1 the¬†White House¬†announced the efforts to ‚Äúmodernize state, local, tribal and territorial building codes and standards.‚ÄĚ

  • The goal for¬†FEMA¬†is to push an improved outlook on safety and sustainability in the industry with the introduction of new codes and practices.

  • One specific requirement on the table is that all modernization projects above 25,000 sq ft will be designed for net-zero emissions.¬†

Back to the future of building...

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) released a whitepaper claiming to predict the (drumroll) Future of Building. There are 10 trends to keep top-of-mind highlighted throughout the study. Along with the environmental transformation of the industry and the increased use of technology, the whitepaper also focuses on business operations. Some takeaways: 

  • Fewer workers, different skillsets.

  • Business models shift towards subscriptions

  • Construction data will reveal its value (more data centers!)

  • Cybersecurity becomes central to corporate strategy (again, data centers!)

‚ö°ÔłŹLightning Round

  • Construction Dive:¬†Stadiums of tomorrow‚ÄĒfranchises across leagues look to¬†build now homes.

  • Procore:¬†Why¬†workforce planning¬†is more important than ever in construction.¬†

  • CMAA:¬†Four rules¬†for holding more effective meetings and cultivating better outcomes.¬†

  • Construction Business Owner:¬†Total construction starts¬†inch higher¬†in April.¬†

  • Construction Executive:¬†Four ways¬†5G will transform¬†construction worksites.¬†


High five

Apple said we can edit and unsend texts now

  • Louvre it or lose it:¬†The Mona Lisa¬†was caked¬†by a climate protester at the Louvre, which has been splattering the headlines.¬†

  • There‚Äôs no crying in basketball:¬†With the Celtics taking a 2-1 lead in the NBA finals last night, Stephen A. Smith¬†spoke calmly¬†about Draymond Green's 2-point performance.¬†

  • Give us some slack:¬†Apple's giving us Slack features now.¬†Apple iOS 16¬†is predicted to make changes to the lock screen, notifications, and messages. You can customize your phone‚Äôs fonts, unsend texts, amd fix typos (that was proof we wrote this on iOS 15). Time to get careless!

  • You've got gmail:¬†Your inbox doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can just be whelming! These¬†4 productivity tips¬†will help you get your inbox under control.

  • Nadal in the family: Rafael Nadal beat Casper Rudd¬†in the final match¬†of the French Open to go 14-0 in Paris all-time. We hereby challenge Nadal to a Wii Tennis match. Just not in Paris.

  • Stranger danger:¬†Stranger Things¬†has yet again reached peak zeitgeist and so has the 1985 song "Running Up That Hill"¬†as a side effect.¬†

  • Spill the NFT: After sticking with it for years, we're finally starting not to understand what an NFT is anymore. A New York Real Estate Firm has already¬†received multiple offers on a building that has been put on the market¬†as an NFT.¬†

  • Catching the flick:¬†The latest Summer movies¬†coming up. From Elvis to Thor to Jordan Peele, there‚Äôs something for everyone.¬†Especially¬†Nicole Kidman.

  • Brooklyn planets: The planets are going to be more visible than usual during June, so make sure you have a blanket and binoculars to capture the¬†5 planets predicted to make a grand appearance.

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